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Now, four of our MainFirst funds are externally certified and can carry the renowned FNG label and the European SRI Transparency Logo. They meet the required FNG standards and get a star for quality beyond. Three of these funds meet the high standards of one of the main independent labelling authorities in the Luxembourg investment sector and have been awarded the LuxFLAG ESG label. FNG is constantly involved in the development of quality standards for SRI products. Since 2008, FNG, in collaboration with Eurosif, has been the transparency label for SRI retail funds. Raiffeisen KAG has been an active member of the FNG since 2019. Wolfgang Pinner, head of the SRI department of Raiffeisen KAG, is vice-chairman of the FNG board of directors. Thomas Seale, President of LuxFLAG, commented: “LuxFLAG is expanding its activities with the launch of the Green Bond label, drawing on its strong expertise in the field of sustainable finance. The label specifically aims to avoid parasitism and strengthen the environmental integrity of the green bond market.

Our goal is to improve trust and transparency by imposing the strictest requirements. The LuxFLAG label distinguishes self-subscribed green bonds from truly green market offerings. In order to make the investment world more transparent, with a network of global alliances to promote and raise awareness of the latest trends and themes in ESG – Carbon Investment Reporting – Controlling. The FNG label is the quality standard for sustainable investment funds in the German-speaking region. It was launched in 2015 following a three-year development process involving key stakeholders. The resulting sustainability certification must be renewed every year. “The green bond market is changing rapidly and requires a high level of transparency and evidence that revenues are being used for green projects. In line with its other green initiatives, the Luxembourg government supports the creation of the LuxFLAG Green Bond label, a transparent high-end certification that allows investors to be sure of their investments in green products. “,” says H.E. Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg`s Finance Minister, Paperjam: “Green bonds” now labelled by Luxflag The Montreal Carbon Pledge was created in 2014 and is supported by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the United Nations Environment Financing Programme (UN). The goal of the Montreal Carbon Pledge is to increase transparency on the carbon footprint of equity portfolios and help reduce this long-term footprint. By signing the agreement, investors commit to annually measuring the carbon footprint of their portfolio and publishing relevant data. The FNG label as a quality standard for sustainable investment funds in the German-speaking region has been awarded to the following MainFirst funds.

They meet the required FNG standards and get a star for quality beyond. Environmental Financing: LuxFLAG launches green Bond Label, as investors seek greater transparency The FNG label goes far beyond simple portfolio analysis and is holistic and sensible. Elements such as reporting, the fund company itself, an external advisory committee on sustainable development and issues of good corporate governance play an important role. The resulting fact sheet provides the basis for clear investment decisions and is highly valued by financial professionals, fund management companies and private investors who need transparent and comparable analysis.