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1.Collecting property-related documents: First, go to the owner and get all the legal documents related to the property. Get the legal idea and share the agreement and site plan sanctioned by the owner. 3. Property Valuation: Once the legal valuation is complete, go to a property valuer who is in the UCO Bank panel with the sales contract. He appreciates the property and gives a letter. The above process requires a lot of care and patience. Above all, it needs your precious time, planning and energy. Once you have signed up for loanyantra, you will be able to relax and complete your payment process. Our relationship manager accompanies you every step of the way, also supports home service for all your documents that need to be deposited in the bank. In addition, the loanyantra relationship manager is at your fingertips at all times to answer your questionnaire. All you have to do is just login because it doesn`t cost you, but it only helps you. collection: E-stamp and francization on the sales contract Search for the best real estate credit is as important as the search for a dream home. You can find the best real estate lender, but the process includes many steps.

You need to be patient and careful while you manage the process. Although the online application has become very simple, reaching the payment phase is not a cake walk. If you have opted for a nationalized bank, you need to be even more careful when you follow each step. The loan applicant must be present with the guarantor to the bank for the documents. Builder is usually not necessary if it is a part of Lord country, then it is a must for him to visit too. 9. If it is a basic property, you can simply send an email to the manager for partial payments and other payments to pay the XXX amount, then ask the owner to send a boy with the initial needs plan to the UCO BANK subsidiary and retrieve the SD directly from the bank. You no longer need to go to the bank. 7.Documentation: Once the loan is sanctioned, you will receive a call from the bank for documentation. Wear all the original documents you submitted when applying for the loan. 4.E-Stempel: UCO BANK requires that the sales contract and construction contract be stamped/Franked. Regarding value, on the electronic stamp, refer to the employees of the subsidiary.

Normally, there are two construction contracts in progress a) sales contract and b) construction contract. E-punching and francization are actually the same, e-stamp is the new technology where, as franking is the old one, where we stamp it, Franking can only be carried out at the town hall, where the electronic stamp can be carried out in post offices, union banks, selected registration offices, etc. —————————- or —————————- b. payment of the tax receipt until today. The lawyer can ask you for several documents, so the maximum delay at this stage is expected. Once this stage is completed, half a game is completed. 5.Deposit of application: Once you have received the assessment statement and legal advice, you will go to UCO BANK with the application forms completed, as well as the necessary documents for the credit application.