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Before you sign a severance agreement, call Sidney L. Gold and Associates. Schedule an appointment with one of our employment law specialists in New Jersey as soon as possible, as there may be delays in signing and accepting an agreement. Our company will check all possibilities to strengthen the agreement in your favor. Your employer`s first redundancy agreement may not be their best offer. Not all severance packages are fair to the employee, so the best practice is to discuss your options with a lawyer. In addition, severance pay is generally loaded with complex legal jargon, of which no average or highly qualified worker can be understood and who does not have the required legal experience. We understand that you are happy to accept this great job offer, but that you are not jeopardizing your future by signing an agreement that could harm you with undue restrictions. Here at HKM Employment Attorneys, we have over 40 years of experience in staff representation and we can help you negotiate with your employer to reach a mutually beneficial redundancy package decision. Contact us today to agree on a consultation. Employment law specialists at Sidney L. Gold Associates in Philadelphia audit severance agreements for employees in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you are subject to a redundancy agreement, call our firm as soon as possible at 215-569-1999 to speak to a hired PA labour law officer or to contact us online. We negotiate the best terms for you and protect your rights in accordance with the law. Severance pay is part of a few severance pay and a certain amount of money that your employer must make available to you when you leave Desdes, usually in compensation for your temporary ineligibility to work in your field under a non-compete agreement. There is usually a bargaining space to determine a fair severance pay that a lawyer can help you achieve. As an example for the many things to consider, your severance pay will be used to deduct unemployment benefits, which means you will receive fewer unemployment benefits, the higher your severance pay, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Laboratory and Industry. While there is no law in Pennsylvania requiring an employer to offer severance pay, the law requires payment when an agreement has been reached, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Laboratory and Industry. If you have been asked to sign a severance agreement, you can sign critical rights. A severance contract attorney console Mattiacci Law, LLC will carefully review your agreement, advise you on all possible consequences and can negotiate the best solution for you. Call us today at 215-545-7676 to agree on a consultation. If you signed a severance agreement that implied an invalid invalid, you can claim it independently of that. In addition, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) contains specific disclosure requirements, so that a waiver is valid under 29.C 626 (f).

Among other things, the law provides that the severance agreement authorizes 45 days for verification of the document when it is prompted to leave, and requires that the employee be recommended to consult a lawyer. If all requirements are not met, the agreement may be invalid. ADEA applies to workers aged 40 and over. As experienced lawyers in labour discrimination, our firm is qualified in a unique way to verify severance agreements in order to verify compliance with the anti-discrimination laws of the federal state and the federal states. When we meet with you, we will collect all the information about your conditions of employment and the conditions of your dismissal. We will then analyze the offer and circumstances to see if you have been the victim of discriminatory practices. For example, a “reduction in Force” (RIF) is sometimes used as an excuse to mask a case of discrimi