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In January 2020, a salary increase was due for NSW teachers and support staff and headteachers, both in NSW and the ACT. For ACT teachers, an increase will be due from July 2020. Additional salary increases will also be made in 2021 as part of the ACT Government School Teachers Enterprise Agreement and as part of awards for employees of government schools nsw. AIS is stalled Negotiations – the AIS informed the union this week that it had no plans to meet again with the union by November and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements are being negotiated. Their Union is busy making improvements to members of the entire sector, much of which is the haggling of businesses. In recent months, IEUE has negotiated with several universities. In January 2020, NSW Catholic teachers, facilitators and principals had to increase their salaries. Wage increases are needed to restore pay parity with existing salaries in NSW government schools. Additional salary increases will also occur in 2021 as part of awards for public school employees. The IEU wishes all our members a safe and happy holiday! We will close at Christmas from December 20th and we look forward to serving for you in 2020 and fighting for you. The IEU has concluded negotiations for a new agreement on the early childhood services unit. This agreement applies to 55 services. Your union has developed an interactive map for members so you can see which independent schools have confirmed wage increases for 2021 and which schools have not.

The IEUE argues that the AIS is not in line with other sectors of education in the NSW, as it does not guarantee wage increases equivalent to those of other school sectors, including public and Catholic schools. Look at the map and see how your school is composed under this proposed model of the AIS. Stella Maris College Manly support and operational staff have signed a petition requesting a unique enterprise agreement for their school. Lindy Farrant, the first and long-time director of the Early Childhood Centre Park, was mourned by the community of Parkes. Farrant was a member of the IEU and a strong supporter and inspiration for early childhood education, not only in the parks community, but also within the region and the state. IEUA NSW/ACT is calling on the federal government to continue funding universal access to ensure that four-year-olds have access to 15 hours of early childhood education and care (ECEC) provided by a qualified higher education teacher. SIGNED the IEUA NSW/ACT petition in favour of an immediate transition to emergency education agreements with a reduction in the number of pupils. Teachers and facilitators need to have a safe working environment and time when transitioning to a hybrid educational model. UNESCO and the UN General Assembly have declared 24 January the first International Day of Education to raise awareness of the need for quality education around the world. The NSW Shadow Minister of Early Learning sent a letter to educators and early education and hospitality providers expressing her desire for increased support for ECL during COVID-19. The IEU meets again this week with the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations to discuss our demands for a new enterprise agreement for teachers and support staff in Catholic schools. Although we have managed to secure a number of positions, there are still a number of issues to be resolved.

The IEU invites you to applaud World Base Day on May 16.